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Working Capital Management | Dr P Periasamy - Himalaya Publishing House

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ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-796-4



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Working Capital Management is concerned with the problems that arise in attempting to discuss in details various tools and techniques which can be gainfully employed to solve the problems of determining optimum level of working capital. The text is divided into six chapters dealing with such aspects as Working Capital Management-Nature and Scope, Planning and Financing of Working Capital, Liquidity and its Test, Cash Management, Inventory Management and Management of Accounts Receivables.

Key Features:
- This book is a complete coverage of subject matters with latest financial information as per the requirement and expectations by the student community.
- This book highlights the important techniques which are very useful for them management personnel in their decision making process.
- It contains large number of solved and unsolved practical problems to make the subject simple and understandable.
- The book is designed and presented in a lucid manner.


Contents :

1. Working Capital Management-Nature and Scope
2. Planning and Financing of Working Capital
3. Liquidity and Its Test
4. Cash Management
5. Inventory Management
6. Management of Accounts Receivable
Glossary of Terms



Dr. P. Periasamy is one of the those Gems that surface rarely to produce the classic works in all their originally. One such is this : "Principles and Practice of Insurance", imparting in-depth knowledge, information and guidance, all that one on related field would like to enrich himself with, for enhancing his business acumen.

Having held positions of envy, he is MBA and Ph.D. and currently a Reader at Erode Arts College, with innumerable research Articles, published in Journals of repute and read at Seminars, to his credit. As a highly sought after research Guide and Supervisor, he has competently guided a good number of M.Phil and Ph.D. research scholars. For fair judgement, this book is a living testimony to his mastery of the subject.

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Working Capital Management | Dr P Periasamy - Himalaya Publishing House

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