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Social Problems in India | Ram Ahuja - Rawat Publications

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ISBN: 9788131606278

PAGES: 592 pages

BINDING: Paperback



Social Problems in India has established itself as a leading textbook in the field of sociology. This fully revised, updated and expanded edition distinguishes itself from the previous one as five more chapters on domestic violence, ageing and elder abuse, tribal unrest, globalization and consumerism and agricultural distress and formers’ suicides. have been added; a few more problems, such as honour killings, acid attack and cyber crimes, have been discussed; data on problems discussed earlier, viz., terrorism, alcoholism, communal violence, drug abuse, child abuse, violence against women, youth unrest, black money, population explosion, juvenile delinquency, unemployment, poverty, urbanization and illiteracy have been updated; and new arguments/comments, reflecting new developments, have been provided. This third edition maintains all the distinctive emphases which gave the earlier two editions nation-wide popularity. It offers analysis and critical evaluation with a sociological perspective and also gives theoretical explanations wherever deemed necessary, increasing the academic importance of the book not only for students and those preparing for the competitive examinations but also for administrators, policy makers, planners and a much wider audience.



1 Social Problems

2 Poverty
3 Unemployment
4 Population Explosion
5 Ageing and Elder Abuse
6 Communalism, Secularism and Regionalization
7 Backward Castes, Tribes and Classes
8 Youth Unrest and Agitations
9 Child Abuse and Child Labour
10 Crime Against Women
11 Illiteracy
12 Urbanization
13 Globalization and Consumerism
14 Crime and Criminals
15 Juvenile Delinquency
16 Domestic Violence
17 Alcoholism
18 Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction
20 Terrorism
21 Corruption
22 Tribal Unrest
23 Bonded Labour
24 Agrarian Distress and Farmers’ Suicides
25 Black Money



Ram Ahuja retired as Professor of Sociology from the University of Rajasthan in 1988 after teaching for more than three decades. He authored many books, including four translations into Hindi. Some of his books have been adopted as standard text in universities and training academies and for competitive examinations. For nearly two decades, he was guest faculty to several national and state academies and institutions for training IAS, IPS and state administrative officers.

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Social Problems in India | Ram Ahuja - Rawat Publications

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