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Revisiting Modern European History | Vandana Joshi - PEARSON

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  • ISBN:9789332541108

  • ISBN:9332541108

  • Pages:376

  • Imprint:Pearson Education

  • Binding:Paperback

Revisiting Modern European History complements the first edited volume Themes in Modern European History: Social Movements and Cultural Currents 1789-1945.  The two together offer changing perspectives and comprehensive surveys of some of the most profound events and processes of modern European history. While the first volume dealt with modern movements, revolutions and cultural developments, the present volume looks at these transformations through the lens of gender, race, class and nation. It revisits the grand narrative of modern Europe in which Europe is depicted as the fulcrum of universal enlightenment, progress, growth, improvement and prosperity.
Vandana Joshi is Associate Professor at the department of History, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi. She has been an Alexander von Humboldt fellow and a visiting professor at the Humboldt University. She has published internationally acclaimed works on gender, sexuality, war and Nazi Germany. Her dissertation won the Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History and was published as Gender and Power in the Third Reich: Female Denouncers and the Gestapo by Palgrave in 2003. She edited Themes in Modern European History: Social Movements and Cultural Currents 1789�1945 with Orient Blackswan in 2010.

Table of Content

Acknowledgements xxiii
List of Contributors  xxv

Chapter 1  Citizenship and Difference:
The Age of Revolution
— Barbara Caine
Chapter 2 Spaces and Places: Changing Patterns
of Domesticity and Work
— Barbara Caine
Chapter 3 Nationalization of the Female
Citizenry: Fascist Italy and Nazi
— Vandana Joshi
Chapter 4 Race and Nation:
An Intellectual History
— Eric D. Weitz
Chapter 5 The Apogee of Racism: Nazi
Germany 1933-1945
— Vandana Joshi
Chapter 6 In Pursuit of Social Justice: Modern European Socialism,
— Sharon A. Kowalsky
Chapter 7 Industrialization and the Rise of
Modern Class Society
— Vijaya Rajni and
Shashi Bhushan Upadhyay
Chapter 8 Nationalism: Triumphs and
Challenges in the Long Nineteenth
Century and Beyond


Salient Features

Gender, race, class and nation have been used in the book as analytical tools to understand the power politics of modern Europe
Each chapter contains a student friendly annotated bibliography for further reading"

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Revisiting Modern European History | Vandana Joshi - PEARSON

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