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Rajneeti Vigyan (Political Science) BA 3rd Year | Dr Pukhraj Jain - SAHITYA BHAWAN PUBLICATION

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 For B.A. (Third Year) as per New Syllabus of Kanpur University (Papers I, II & III)
Paper-I: पाश्चात्य राजनीतिक विचारक
Paper-II: लोक प्रशासन
Paper-III: अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय राजनीति




Course Rationale :
This paper studies the classical tradition in political theory from Plato to Marx with the view to understand how the great Masters explained and analyzed political events and problems of their time and prescribed solutions. The legacy of the thinkers are explained with the view to establishing the continuity and change within the Western political tradition. Course Content :
1. Plato, 2. Aristotle, 3. Machiavelli, 4. Hobbes, 5. Locke, 6. Rousseau, 7. Bentham and J.S. Mill, 8. T.H. Green, 9. Hegel, 10. Karl Marx.


Course Rationale :
This Paper is an introductory course in Public Administration. The effort is to introduce students to the basic principles, key administrative thinkers and the main instrument bureaucracy/civil service-of administration. Course Content :
1. Meaning, Nature and Scope of Public Administration, Public and Private
2. Comparative Public Administration and Development Administration, New
Public Administration, New Public Management.
3. Principles of Organisation: Hierarchy, Span of Control, Unit of Command,
Delegation, Supervision and Coordination.
4. Structure of Organization: Department, Corporation, Independent Regulatory
5. Administrative Thinkers: Herbert Simon, Elton Mayo,
6. Decision Making in Administration: Herbert Simon
7. Bureaucracy and Civil Service; Recruitment and Training, Generalist vs.
Specialist Debate, Civil Service Neutrality.
8. Legislative, Executive and Judicial Control over Administration.
9. Budget, Performance Budget.
10. Public Policy: Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation


Course Rationale :
This paper deals with concepts and dimensions of international relations and makes an analysis of different theories highlighting the major debates and differences within the various theoretical paradigms. The dominant theories of power and different aspects of the balance of power are included. The student is expected to study International politics and India’s Foreign Policy from a pro-active and futuristic perspective.
Course Content :
1. International Politics: Definition, Scope and Relevance.
2. Theories of International Politics: Realism and Neo-Realism, Idealism,
Behaviouralism, Constructivism, Feminism.
3. Game Theory, Decision Making Theory, Communications Theory.
4. Political System Theory and Balance of Power.
5. Power and International Politics, Elements of Power.
6. The Determinants of Foreign Policy.
7. Deterrence Theory, Cold War, End of Cold War and New World Order.
8. Nuclear Weapons and World Politics, Problem of Non-Proliferation.
9. South Asia, Terrorism: Concept and Meaning.
10. India’s Foreign Policy.

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Rajneeti Vigyan (Political Science) BA 3rd Year | Dr Pukhraj Jain - SAHITYA BHAWAN PUBLICATION

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