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Programming in C | Ashok N Kamthane-PEARSON

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  • ISBN:9789332543553

  • ISBN:9332543550

  • Pages:688

  • Imprint:Pearson Education

  • Binding:Paperback

C is one of the most popular programming languages. It runs on most software platforms and computer architecture. This revised edition of our best-selling text Programming in C not only maintains the exclusivity of previous editions but also enhances it with the addition of new programs and illustrations. Challenging concepts are supported with numerous solved and unsolved programs. The new chapter on computer graphics ensures that this book comprehensively covers the syllabi of most universities. The book also uses the Turbo C compiler, which is the most widely used C compiler. With its increased coverage and inclusion of new learning tools, this edition is an invaluable asset for students who aim to improve their programming skills.


Table of Content

Chapter 1 Basics and Introduction to C Chapter 2 The C Declarations Chapter 3 Operators and Expressions Chapter 4 Input and Output in C Chapter 5 Decision Statements Chapter 6 Loop Control Chapter 7 Data Structure: Array Chapter 8 Strings and Standard Functions Chapter 9 Pointers Chapter 10 Functions Chapter 11 Storage Classes Chapter 12 Preprocessor Directives Chapter 13 Structure and Union Chapter 14 Files Chapter 15 Graphics Chapter 16 Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked List Appendix A American Standard Code for Information Interchange Appendix B Priority of Operators and Their Clubbing Appendix C Header Files and Standard Library Functions Appendix D ROM-BIOS Services Appendix E Scan Codes of Keyboard Keys

Salient Features

Enhanced pedagogy • New flowcharts and diagrams • Online more than 100 programs Fully tested and executed programs Chapter on Computer Graphics

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Programming in C | Ashok N Kamthane-PEARSON

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