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Principle of Modern Political Science | JC Johari - STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT LTD

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  • Binding: Paperback

  • Pages: 684

  • Language:English

  • ISBN-10: 978 81 207 4378 6

  • ISBN-13: 978 81 207 4378 6


Principles of Modern Political Science is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of political science. The book discusses how the world of political theory has changed in today's age of liberalisation and globalisation, changing the concept of the nation-state due to the drastic and irreparable erosion of monarchy around the world. The book illustrates how the countries of the Third World are developing rapidly dynamic political models, and how this has put a question on the idea of a nation-state. It explores how liberalism has been challenged by Neo-liberalism and Communitarianism, and how World War II changed Fabianism into New Fabianism, and how the Cold War went one step further, bringing the Third Way. It explores political legitimacy, civic republicanism, multi-culturalism and identity politics, giving students a wide overview of the subject. The book is an indispensable resource for all students of political theory.

About J. C. Johari

J. C. Johari is an Indian political theorist and academician who has been teaching students political science for decades. He has also written: Comparative Politics, The Constitution of India: A Legal Study, and International Relations and Politics: Diplomatic History Between Two World Wars.


Political Science • The State—Elements • Nature • Functions and End • Origin and Historical Development of State • Sovereignty • Monism and Pluralism • Rights • Liberty and Equality • Law • International Law and Justice • Political Obligation • Revolution and Punishment • Concepts of Political Sociology • Political Power • Its Operation and Justification • Organisation of Government • Forms of Governments • Mechanism of Democracy • Democratic Theory • Constitution of State and Constitutionalism • Party System • Pressure Groups and Public Opinion • Nationalism • Internationalism and Imperialism • Socialism and Its Varieties • Scientific Socialism • Liberalism • Fascism and Idealism • Gandhism and Sarvodaya • Citizenship • Multi-Culturalism and Identity Politics • Bibliography • Index

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Principle of Modern Political Science | JC Johari - STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT LTD

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