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Philosophy of Religion | John H Hick - PEARSON

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  • ISBN:9789332550179

  • ISBN:9332550174

  • Pages:176

  • Imprint:Pearson Education

  • Binding:Paperback

A contemporary introduction to the main topics in the philosophy of religion — written by a world-renowned philosopher.

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About The Author

John Harwood Hick was a philosopher of religion and theologian born in England who taught in the United States for the larger part of his career. Wikipedia
Born20 January 1922, England, United Kingdom
Died9 February 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Table of Content

1. Introduction.

 2. The Judaic-Christian Concept of God.

 3. Arguments for the Existence of God.

 4. Arguments Against the Existence of God.

 5. The Problem of Evil.

 6. Revelation and Faith.

 7. Evidentialism, Foundationalism, and Rational Belief.

 8. Problems of Religious Language.

 9. The Problem of Verification.

10. The Conflicting Truth: Claims of Different Religions.

11. Human Destiny: Immortality and Resurrection.

12. Human Destiny: Karma and Reincarnation.

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Salient Features

In Prentice Hall's Foundations of Philosophy Series.


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Philosophy of Religion | John H Hick - PEARSON

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