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Organic Chemistry (Vol 2) | IL Finar - PEARSON

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  • ISBN:9788177585414

  • ISBN:817758541X

  • Pages:956

  • Imprint:Pearson Education

  • Binding:Paperback

Organic Chemistry is a well-established two-volume textbook for students studying chemistry at degree level.

Volume 2 carries the material of Volume 1: Fundamental Principles to a more advanced level. The author provides a comprehensive introduction to the relationship between physical properties and chemical structures, and then proceeds to a detailed account of stereochemistry. The later chapters are devoted to the most typical compounds of natural products and the problems involved. A selected number of reading references are given at the end of each chapter.

Organic Chemistry : Stereochemistry And The Chemistry Of Natural Products (Volume -2) is the second part of the Organic Chemistry series by I. L. Finar. It conveys the important principles and fundamentals of Stereochemistry and the Chemistry of Natural Products.

Summary Of The Book

Organic chemistry is an important sub-discipline of Chemistry that involves the study of the properties, structure and reactions of organic materials. Stereochemistry or 3D Chemistry studies the spatial arrangements of the atoms in molecules and its effects on the physical and chemical properties of substances. Stereochemistry and the Chemistry of natural products applies the principles of Organic Chemistry.

The second volume of Organic Chemistry : Stereochemistry And The Chemistry Of Natural Products (Volume -2) gives the readers advanced and in-depth knowledge of the topics discussed in the first volume. Beginning with the relationship between chemical structures and physical properties, the author goes on to discuss other topics related to Stereochemistry and the Chemistry of Natural Products in detail.

The book is divided into 19 sections and offers comprehensive coverage of many topics like the Physical properties and Chemical Constitution, Stereochemistry of Biphenyl Compounds, Optical Isomerism, Carbohydrates, Steroids and Terpenoids. The first chapter begins with The International System of Units, Van der Waals forces, Melting and Boiling points, Viscosity, Solubility, Molecular rotation, Electron spin resonance, Mass Spectrometry, X-ray Diffraction, and Raman Spectra.

Topics like the Nucleophilic Substitution at a Saturated Carbon Atom, Asymmetric Synthesis, Carotenoids, Geometrical Isomerism, Stereochemistry of Alicyclic Compounds, Stereochemistry of some other elements other than Carbon and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are discussed in the further chapters. Heterocyclic Compounds containing two or more Heteroatoms, Vitamins, Haemoglobin, Chlorophyll and Phthalocyanines, Amino-acids, Chemotherapy, Anthocyanins, Alkaloids, Purines and Nucleic Acids are the other chapters covered by the author in this book.

The author has also offered comprehensive coverage on topics like Sulphonamides, Biotins, Depsides, Classification of the Alkaloids, General Nature of Enzymes, Mechanism of Enzyme Action, Pyrazines, Gestogens, Sterols, Carotenes and Glycosides.

This revised edition of Organic Chemistry has been brought up-to-date in certain aspects. Some other topics like Molecular Rotation, Optical Isomerism, Ascorbic Acid, The Structure and Synthesis of Cholesterol, Biosynthesis, and Conformational Analysis have been expanded on in this edition. Clear formulae, tables, diagrams, equations are included in this book. Reading references are also provided at the end of each chapter. 

Organic Chemistry : Stereochemistry and the Chemistry of Natural Products (Volume -2) was published in the year 2002.

About I. L. Finar

Dr. Ivor Lionel Finar was a professor and author.

Other books by him include Organic Chemistry (Volume-1), Problems and Their Solution in Organic Chemistry, Problems and Their Solution in Inorganic Chemistry, and Stereochemistry and The Chemistry of Natural Products.

Finar was a principal lecturer of Organic Chemistry at Polytechnic of North London.


Table of Content

  1. Physical properties and chemical constitution
  2. Optical isomerism
  3. Nucleophilic substitution at a saturated carbon atom, asymmetric synthesis
  4. Geometrical isomerism, stereochemistry of alicyclic compounds
  5. Stereochemistry of biphenyl compounds
  6. Stereochemistry of some elements other than carbon
  7. Carbohydrates
  8. Terpenoids
  9. Carotenoids
  10. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  11. Steroids
  12. Heterocyclic compounds containing two or more hetero-atoms
  13. Amino-acids and proteins
  14. Alkaloids
  15. Anthocyanins
  16. Purines and nucleic acids
  17. Vitamins
  18. Chemotherapy
  19. Haemoglobin, chlorophyll and phthalocyanines


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