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Fundamentals of Physical Geography | Majid Husain - Rawat Publication

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ISBN: 9788131609613

PAGES: 884 pages

BINDING: Paperback



Earth is a place of great physical and cultural diversity, yet people know little about it. Physical geography deals with the spatial and temporal characteristics and relationships of all phenomena within the physical environment. A systematic study of physical geography is of immense help in understanding the numerous environmental challenges of the contemporary period. The book is aimed to explain the spatial dimensions of the earth’s natural systems and their processes.
Thoroughly revised with three new chapters and over eighty new maps and diagrams, this updated fifth edition of bestselling introductory textbook is well suited to the curriculum of established physical geography courses. The text includes many special features that are intended to enhance and clarify students’ understanding and mastery of the subject. Throughout, the scientific ideas and processes are explained in a simple manner supported by a range of illustrative material including maps, diagrams and photographs. It is hoped that the book will fulfill the needs of the candidates who prepare themselves for the Indian Administrative Services and for the National Eligibility Test (NET) as well as to those who are interested in the subject of Physical Geography.




 The Universe
 The Solar System
 Origin of the Earth
 Geological History of the Earth
 Basic Concepts of Geomorphology
 Interior of the Earth
 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
 Theory of Isostasy
 Crustal Formation and Deformation Processes
 Mountains, Plateaus and Plains
 Geomorphic Processes
 Fluvial Processes: Rivers and Related Landforms
 Drainage Patterns
 Cycle of Erosion
 Planation of Surfaces
 Glaciers and Glacial Landforms
 Aeolian Landforms
 Groundwater Landforms
 Work of Sea Waves and Coastal Landforms
 Global Energy and Temperatures
 Atmospheric Pressure and Circulation
 The Monsoon
 Local Winds
 Humidity, Clouds and Precipitation
 Air Masses, Fronts and Cyclones
 Hydrologic Cycle and Water Resources
 Classification of Climates
 Climatic Change
 Applied Climatology
 Ecosystems and Biomes
 Configuration of the Oceans
 Oceans: Temperature and Salinity
 Ocean Deposits
 Ocean Currents and Tides
 Coral Reefs and Atolls
 Catastrophes and Natural Hazards
 Environmental Degradation and Management




Majid Husain is former Professor of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi. He is a seasoned and extremely popular teacher among students and civil services aspirants. Dr Husain has an unparalleled ability to simplify the difficult concepts of geography in a cogent manner. His books, Evolution of Geographical Thought, World Geography, Human Geography, Systematic Agricultural Geography, Models in Geography and Geography of Jammu and Kashmir are widely acclaimed and accepted as text and reference books, both in India and abroad.


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Fundamentals of Physical Geography | Majid Husain - Rawat Publication

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