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Essentials of Educational Technology | SK Mangal & Uma Mangal - PHI

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Print Book ISBN : 9788120337237
Pages : 836
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Use of technology has permeated all areas of knowledge, and Education is no exception. This accessible and easy-to-read book, emanating from an author who has distinguished himself as teacher and able administrator of education, and devised several educational and psychological tests, encompasses a broad spectrum of areas in educational technology. It focuses on the modern trends and innovations in Educational Technology to equip the teacher trainees and in-service teachers with the necessary skills in this area.

The book not only covers the objectives, concepts, use and management of Educational Technology, it also emphasises the role of education and various other techniques that help in teaching-learning.


•  The coverage is quite comprehensive and elaborate catering to the needs of the students of most Indian universities.
•  The concepts given are illustrated with plenty of tables, figures, and examples to make the reader comprehend the subject better.

This book is recommended in Gauhati University, Assam, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Meghalaya.
•  This book is ideally suited for the students of B.Ed., M.Ed., BA/MA (Education) courses. Besides, the text can be profitably used by in-service teachers, teacher educators, educational technology-resource personnel, and school administrators.


1. Educational Technology: Meaning, Nature and Scope
2. Psychological Basis for the Use of Hardware and Software Technologies
3. Hardware Instructional Aids
4. Software Instructional Aids
5. Concept of Teaching and Learning
6. Task of Teaching
7. Theories of Teaching
8. Principles and Maxims of Successful Teaching
9. Formulation of Teaching or Instructional Objectives
10. Teaching Strategies and Devices
11. Communication and Teaching-Learning
12. Management of Teaching-Learning
13. Modification of Teacher Behaviour and Interaction Analysis
14. Action Research
15. Microteaching
16. Role Playing and Gaming
17. Teacher Evaluation
18. Systems Approach
19. Programmed Learning or Instruction
20. Learner Controlled Instruction (LCI)
21. Personalized System of Instructions (PSI)
22. Computer-Assisted and Managed Instruction
23. Training Psychology
24. Cybernetics
25. Models of Teaching
26. Lesson Planning
27. Team Teaching
28. Audio-tutorial System, Language Laboratory and Teleconferencing
29. Cooperative Learning
30. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
31. Computers: Operation and Networking
32. Resource Centres of Educational Technology
33. Virtual Classrooms and e-Learning
34. Distance Education
Bibliography • Index




S.K. Mangal, Ph.D. (Education), has been Principal, and Professor & Head of Department of Postgraduate Studies at C.R. College of Education, Rohtak, Haryana. Dr. Mangal has authored several books, including Essentials of Educational Psychology, Advanced Educational Psychology (Second Edition), Educating Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education, Essentials of Educational Technology, Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Win in Life, Pedagogy of Social Sciences (Second Edition), Research Methodology in Behavioural Sciences and Statistics in Psychology and Education (Second Edition), published by PHI Learning. Professor Mangal has been a distinguished administrator and researcher. He has devised various educational and psychological tests and has published extensively in reputed journals.



UMA MANGAL, Ph.D., formerly, Principal, Vaish College of Education, Rohtak, Haryana, has many years of experience as teacher and administrator in colleges of education. She has written many articles in reputed journals and authored many books including Technology of Teaching, Teaching of Hindi, and Teaching of Social Studies.

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Essentials of Educational Technology | SK Mangal & Uma Mangal - PHI

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