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Development Psychology | Penney Upton - PEARSON

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  • ISBN:9788131726778

  • ISBN:8131726798

  • Pages:698

  • Imprint:Pearson Education

  • Binding:Paperback

Test Yourself: Developmental Psychology provides essential learning and practice through assessment for your psychology students. It enables year 1 and 2 undergraduates to assess their confidence and competence and prepare for the types of questions featured in their formal university assessments.

The book includes over 200 multiple-choice and extended multiple-choice questions, carefully designed to assess depth of knowledge. At the end of each chapter sample essay questions are provided, along with further guidance, to complement the multiple-choice questions and further test understanding. In addition, information is provided to help students make sense of their results and identify strengths and weaknesses.

This revision guide provides concise coverage of the central topics within Developmental Psychology, presented within a framework designed to help you focus on assessment and exams.  The guide is organised broadly chronologically, but with a topical focus in tune with the majority of courses. Sample questions, assessment advice and exam tips drive the organisation within chapters so you are able to grasp and marshal your thoughts towards revision of the main topics.  Features focused on critical thinking, practical applications and key research will offer additional pointers for you in you revision process and exam preparation.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1       Themes, theories and key figures in developmental psychology
Chapter 2       Prenatal development
Chapter 3       Motor, sensory and perceptual development
Chapter 4       Attachment and relationship formation
Chapter 5       Language development
Chapter 6       Play
Chapter 7       Cognitive development
Chapter 8       Moral development
Chapter 9       The self, gender and identity development
Chapter 10     Adulthood
Chapter 11     Death, dying and bereavement 

And finally, before the exam… 

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Development Psychology | Penney Upton - PEARSON

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