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Cytology Genetics Evolution and Ecology | PK Gupta - Rastogi Publication

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  • Binding: Paperback

  • Pages:627

  • Language:English

  • ISBN-10: 978-93-5078-136-4

  • ISBN-13: 978-93-5078-136-4




CELL BIOLOGY(Cytology): 
1. Cell Theory and The Cell; 2. Techniques for Cell Study; 3. Cell Wall and Extracellular Matrix;  4. Structure of Cell Membrane (Including Plasma Membrane); 5. Functions of Cell Membrane; 6. Intracellular Compartments: 1. Nucleus, Nucleolus and Chromosomes; 7. Intracellular Compartments:  2. The Mitochondrion; 8. Intracellular Compartments:  3. The Plastids; 9. Intracellular Compartments:  4. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER), Ribosome, Golgi, Lysosome Endosome, Peroxisome, Hydrogenosome and Centrosome; 10. Cytoskeleton :   (Microtubules, Actin Filaments and Intermediate Filaments); 11. Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis); 12. Molecular Basis of Cell Cycle.

GENETICS: 1. Genetics : An Overview; 2. Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance; 3. Lethality and Interaction of Genes; 4. Quantitative Inheritance; 5. Multiple Alleles: (Based on Classical Concept of Allelomorphism);  6. Physical Basis of Heredity: Chromosome Theory of Inheritance; 7. Linkage and Crossing Over;  8. Sex Linked, Sex Influenced and Sex Limited Traits; 9. Sex Determination, Sex Differentiation, Dosage Compensation and Genetic Imprinting; 10. Maternal Effects, Cytoplasmic Inheritance and Organellar Genetics;  11. Structural Changes in Chromosomes; 12. Numerical Changes in Chromosomes;  13. Mutations: 1. Morphological Level (Including Lethal Mutations); 14. Mutations: 2. Biochemical Level ; (Biochemical and Microbial Genetics) 15. Fine Structure of Gene: A New Concept of Allelomorphism; 16. Cell Division, Sexuality and Recombination in Bacteria and Viruses; 17. Plasmids, IS Elements, Transposons and Retroelements; 18. Human Genetics; 19. Structure and Synthesis of Nucleic Acids; 20. Structure and Synthesis of Proteins; 21. Regulation of Protein Synthesis; 22. Genetic Code, Overlapping Genes and Split Genes; 23. Recombinant DNA, PCR and DNA Chips/Microarrays; 24. Synthesis, Isolation and Sequencing of Genes; 25. Population and Evolutionary Genetics.

EVOLUTION:  1. Organic Evolution and Origin of Life;  2. Evidences of Organic Evolution;  3. Evolution Through Ages;  1. Fossils and Geological Time Scale; 4. Evolution Through Ages;  2. Evolution of Man, Elephant and Camel; 5. Geographic Distribution and Evolution; 6. Theories of Organic Evolution; 7. Speciation and Isolating Mechanisms;

ECOLOGY: 1. Ecology: An Introduction; 2. Ecosystem:  1. Components and Major Ecosystems; 2. Ecosystem: 3. Dynamics and Energy Flow;  4. Ecological Factors; 5. Ecological Adaptations; 6. Plant Community and Plant Succession; 7. Biosphere, Biogeography and Biomes;  8. Environmental Pollution.

PLANT BREEDING: 1. Plant Breeding: An Introduction; 2. Reproductive Systems in Crop Plants; 3. Origin, Domestication and Introduction of Plants; 4. Selection Methods of Plant Breeding; 5. Techniques of Hybridization; 6. Inbreeding Depression and Heterosis; 7. Hybridization Methods of Plant Breeding: 1. Self Pollinated Crops; 8. Hybridization Methods of Plant Breeding : 2. Cross Pollinated Crops; 9. Hybridization Methods of Plant Breeding : 3. Vegetatively Propagated Crops; 10. Production and Uses of Transgenic(GM) Crops; 11. Some Important Plant Breeders of World and India; 12. National and International Institutes for Agricultural Research; 13. 'Green Revolution' and the Plant Breeding Work on Wheat and Rice Done in India.

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Cytology Genetics Evolution and Ecology | PK Gupta - Rastogi Publication

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