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Computer Programming In Fortran 77 | V.Rajaraman -PHI

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Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: PHI ISBN: 9788120311725, 8120311728 Edition: 4thEdition, 2009 Pages: 208

This book introduces the basic concepts of computer programming using FORTRAN 77 language. FORTRAN 77 was chosen as it is widely used and as translators for the language are available for most computers.The presentation in this book conforms to the Fortran standardized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)in 1978. The level of presentation is elementary to enable readers with little mathematical background to follow the text.Any reader who has knowledge of algebra up to the higher secondary standard and can think logically can understand the text.All the concepts presented in this book are illustrated with examples. This will enable readers to use the book effectively for self-study. The present text is the fourth edition of the book"Computer Programming in Fortran 77".The warm reception accorded to this book has encouraged the author to revise the book incorporating several minor corrections.The major addition in this edition is a chapter on Fortran 90 which has recently emerged as a new standard. Fortran 90 compilers will accept all Fortran 77 programs without change.Some features of Fortran 77 are considered obsolete and will not be accepted by future Fortran compilers. These features are pointed out in the text. An appendix consolidates these. There are over a hundred programs in this text. All of them have been carefully tested and the computer output photo reproduced to avoid printing errors. To enable students to start programming early,Format-free (or listed-directed)input-output statements are introduced first.Fortran 77 has this feature.Pedagogically it is the author's experience that this is the best way to absorb essentials of programming without getting lost in details of Formats.If a processor does not have this feature the student has to read the first two sections ofChapter 11 before reading Chapter 7 onwards.This book,has been thoroughly class-room tested inover twenty intensive programming courses given at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,to groups of students with diverse backgrounds.Scientists, engineers,accountants and social scientists have learnt programming using book. A book of this type naturally gained a number of ideas from previous books on this subject. The author expresses his thanks to all these authors,too numerous to acknowledge individually. Theauthor would like to express his gratefulness to all his colleagues,students and numerous readers of the earlier editions of this book,who helped him to improve the book by their constructive criticism. Sincere thanks are due to Professor C.N.R. Rao,President,Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research,Bangalore,for evincing keen interest in the author's endeavours and for continued encouragement. The author would like to thank Ms.T.Mallika for typing parts of the manuscript,late Mr.K.S. Subba Rao for editing many of the programs and the entire staff of the S.E.R.C.,Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore,for their assistance and cooperation. Finally the author would like to express his heartfelt appreciation to his wife Dharma who drew all the figures in the book,corrected the manuscript and the proofs and cheerfully devoted herself to the book-writing project. Bangalore V.RAJARAMAN November,1996

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Computer Programming In Fortran 77 | V.Rajaraman -PHI

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