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Comparative Politics | JC Johari - STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT LTD

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  • Binding: Paperback

  • Pages: 536

  • Language:English

  • ISBN-10: -9788120757585

  • ISBN-13: -9788120757585


Comparative Politics PB by J.C. Johari deals with current political theories and its relevance in the national and international context.

Summary Of The Book

J.C Johari’s Comparative Politics PB provides detailed analysis of the direct link between different politics of the nation.

The author provides a historical perspective. Beginning with Aristotle and his Politics, this book moves on to the developments seen within the political sphere from international to national topics.

Comparative politics is associated with political science which initiates a comparative study in order to gain empirical evidence of the different political scenarios. This is not a scientific approach as such but deals with different methodologies. The book focuses on the different analytical approaches that can be made within the Indian context.

Some of the complex political processes are rendered simple. The study of the substantive forces and the common approaches made are all clearly defined. How each political approach is different and similar to other political models is also discussed thoroughly. 

The author also tries to stress on the importance of nation-comparison. This is important in the field of political science. It is with comparison that one is able to distinguish and understand the political concepts.

Comparative politics is also relevant in understanding the government policies and foreign policies. This studies the different forms of government and state policies and tries to understand the connecting link for all.

This is a general study and is not restricted to any geographical limits. The focus is solely on the politics and the strategies that are applied in creating country policies. The comparative politics study has been elaborated in this book and the author tries to detail some of the important aspects that students of this field and lay readers will find relevant.


Part I: Approaches and Theories: Comparative Politics • Major Approaches • Systems Analysis • Political System • Structural-Functional Analysis • Input-Output Analysis • Political Communication • Political Simulation • Political Development • Political Modernisation • Political Socialisation • Political Culture • Political Ideology • Constitutionalism • Federalism Part II: Political Institutions and Structures: Party Politics • Party System • Pressure Group Politics • Pressure Groups • Techniques of Pressure Politics • Typology of States • Rule-Making Department • Representation • Rule-Application Department • Rule-Adjudication Department • Separation of Powers • Political Elites • Oligarchy • Bureaucracy • Military Rule Democracy • Bibliography • Index


About the Author:

J.C. Johari is best known for his books called Comparative Politics, Indian National Congress and Comparative Political Theory: New Dimensions, Basic Concepts and Major Trends.

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Comparative Politics | JC Johari - STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT LTD

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