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Business Mathematics | Prof DN Singh Prof SP Agrawal - Wisdom Publications

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ISBN-13: 97881207474
Product- Code 97881207 
Binding: Paper Back 
Publishing Date: 2009 
Publisher: WISDOM Publishers
Language: English 

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In the present LP Gera , competition has own and givon birith to a number of problems. In order to solve these problems seientineally and remain competitive n the market the use of Quantitative Techniques his become mandatory. The growing use of computers has further necesaitated even for the rank and file of the society to learn the basic concepts or mathematics Keeping the i( rowing cope and significance of Business Mathematics, almost all universitiea and profession a bodies have introduced one or more papers on Business Mathematies in one or other form. The present book on Business Mathematies is a humble effort to assist the students of М.В.А.. M.RC., lif. A , BCom, and BA, ete, in understanding the typically topics in a clear and easier manner. The book is divided in teven Chapters- L, e Theory of Indices and Logarithm, Progression, Permutation and Combination, Binomial Theorem for Positive Integral Index,Interest, Differential Coefficient and Integration In each chapter a large number of problems of vivid nature have been solved to increase the analytical ability of the students, in order to provide opportunity for for making practice of solving problems adequate numbers of unsolved questions (along with answers) have been given at the end of every chapter The language and formulas of the book have been tried to be presented in such a way as to make the concepts understandable oven to weakest student of the course We offer our thanks to Prof. S. P Srivastava, Head & Dean, Faculty of Commerce, B.H.U., Varanasi for providing every type of assistance in completing the book. Our thanks are also due to Prof M. B. Shukla, Head, Dean & Director Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, MG, K. V Varanasi for always encouraging us to bring this book as early as possible. Many friends in our department helped us in dilfferent ways to ensure the publication of the book in the present form for which we shall especially like to thank Prot. U. Jha, Dr J.S. Mathur & Dr.0.P.Rai (Prof. D, N.Singh) Ex- Head & Dean Faculty of Commerce B.H.U, Varanasi-5 (Dr. S.PAgrawal) Reader, Vaculty of Commerce B.H.U,Varanasi f Director TERI, PG.College, Ghazipur

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Business Mathematics | Prof DN Singh Prof SP Agrawal - Wisdom Publications

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