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Business Communication | N Gupta P Mahajan - SAHITYA BHAWAN PUBLICATION

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It gives us immense pleasure to present the fourth enlarged and revised edition of the book Business Communication.The present Business Communication book has been revised strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus of B.Com, B.C.A., B.B.A., M.B.A. of various universities.

In the revised edition following New Chapters have been included:

  • Perception and Reality
  • Role of Opinions, Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Mal-Functions of Communication
  • Business Communication Etiquettes
  • Peculiarities of Communication in Indian Organizations
  • Organizational Communication (Meaning, Effectiveness and Its Types)
  • Press Release
  • Time Management in Meetings
  • Persuasive Letters
  • Technology of Business Communication

Communication is a subject which is attracting the attention of everyone involved in business and industry in one way or the other. There is manifest of growing desire to understand its meaning and scope, its process and the component and to learn to communicate effectively. This book is designed to meet this urge.

The further highlights of the book are the simplicity of explanation combined with a style that ensures easy understanding. We in this book have tried to put the subject-matter in such a way that the students get the feeling of a live teacher is interacting with them. In fact, this book is a modest attempt to help young students for understanding this fascinating subject in a systematic manner with a lucid exposition of its different facets but in a simple language. The approach has been to enable the students to express their ideas logically.




Business Communication Book Contents

  1. Communication (Meaning, Objectives, Models and Theories)
  2. Channels/Dimensions/Directions and Media/Means of Communication
  3. Formal and Informal Communication
  4. Inter-Personal Behaviour: Transactional analysis
  5. Non-Verbal Communication
  6. Barriers to Communication, Facilitators to Communication
  7. Principles of Effective Communication and Audience Analysis
  8. Listening Skills or Effective Listening
  9. Swot analysis and Self-Development
  10. Development of Positive Personal attitudes, Model of Interdependence
  11. Whole Communication and Corporate Communication
  12. Speeches/Oral Presentation
  13. Interview and Mock Interviews
  14. Individual & Group Presentations (Discussion)
  15. Conferences and Seminar
  16. Written Communication
  17. Dictation, Reading, Effective Writing Skills
  18. Business Letter Writing
  19. Letters Regarding Enquiries, Quotations and Orders
  20. Letters Regarding Trade Reference
  21. Letters of Complaint
  22. Dunning, Sales and Circular Letters
  23. Agency Letters
  24. Letters of Introduction and Credit and Follow-Up Letters
  25. Correspondence with Banks, Insurance Companies and Editors
  26. Advertisement for a Job (application for a Job, Resume Writing, Interview Letters and Appointment Letters)
  27. Personal or Social Correspondence
  28. Official Correspondence: General
  29. Examples of official Letters
  30. Report Writing
  31. Notices, agenda, Minutes of Meetings & Chairman’S Speech
  32. Modern Techniques of Communication
  33. International Communication
  34. Perception and Reality
  35. Role of Opinions, attitudes and Beliefs
  36. Malfunctions of Communication
  37. Business Communication Etiquettes
  38. Peculiarities of Communication in Indian Organizations
  39. Organizational Communication (Meaning, Effectiveness and its Types)
  40. Press Release
  41. Time Management in Meetings
  42. Persuasive Letters
  43. Technology of Business Communication

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