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Analytical Solid Geometry | Shanti Narayan & Dr PK Mittal - S.CHAND

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ISBN : 9788121926614
Pages : 432
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : S. Chand
Size : 6.75 X 9.5
Weight : 1.52 kg
Year : 1939

About the Book-

Analytical Solid Geometry is a comprehensive book for undergraduate B.Sc. or B.A. students studying a course in coordinate geometry. The book covers a basic level of the subject, and has been designed for a preliminary course. It covers all the basic coordinates, planes, straight lines, various systems of coordinates, spheres, cones, cylinders and conicoids. In addition, it covers confocal conicoids, giving students an insight into the depths of the subject. It is an essential resource for all students in an undergraduate mathematics program. Question upto the year 2005 of most of the Indian Universities, which have been asked in B.Sc examinations. All the mistakes have been removed.

About the Authors-

Shanti Narayan was an Indian mathematician. He was the Principal of Hansraj College, Delhi and the First Dean, Delhi University. He has authored several notable books on mathematics including: A Text Book of Vector Analysis, A Textbook of Matrices, Integral Calculus (For B.A. And B.Sc Students), Elements Of Real Anyalsis and A Course of Mathematical Analysis.

Table of Content-

  1. Co-Ordinates
  2. The Plane
  3. Right Line
  4. Interpretation Of Equations Loci
  5. Transformation Of Co-Ordinates
  6. The Sphere
  7. Cones, And Cylinders
  8. Homogeneous Cartesian Co-Ordinates
  9. The Conicoid
  10. Plane Sections Of Conicoids
  11. Generating Lines Of Conicoids
  12. General Equation

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About Publisher-

S. Chand Group is one of India’s leading publishing companies. They are in the market for more than seventy years. They develop and publish quality books for students from primary level classes to higher academic levels, including engineering, commerce, management, basic sciences and other courses. It is the first Indian publishing company to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. S. Chand Group is one of the few publishing houses in India with an in-house integrated publishing solution and with a massive distribution network of twenty four locations throughout the country. Their books conform to various syllabus patterns of different education boards and universities.

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Analytical Solid Geometry | Shanti Narayan & Dr PK Mittal - S.CHAND

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