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A Textbook of Plant Physiology Biochemistry & Biotechnology | Dr SK Verma & Mohit Verma - S.CHAND

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ISBN : 9788121906272
Pages : 766
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : S. Chand
Size : 6.75 X 9.5
Weight : 1.02 kg
Year : 1995

About the Book-

A Textbook Of Plant Physiology, Biochemistry And Biotechnology, authored by Dr. S. K. Verma and Mohit Verma, is a comprehensive book for student who are specializing in Botany while doing their B.Sc. Useful for Degree and Post Graduate Students.

Table of Content-

Part-I: Plant Physiology

  1. The Cell
  2. Osmotic Relations of Plant Cells
  3. Absorption of Water
  4. Ascent of SAP
  5. Transpiration
  6. Mineral Nutrition in Plants
  7. Mineral Salt Absorption
  8. Translocation and Storage of Food in Plants
  9. Special Modes of Nutrition in Plants
  10. Photosynthesis
  11. Respiration
  12. Photorespiration
  13. Nitrogen Metabolism and Nitrogen Cycle
  14. Nucleic Acids Metabolism
  15. Metabolism of Amino-Acids and Proteins
  16. Lipid Metabolism
  17. Carbohydrate Metabolism
  18. Photoperiodism and Photomorphogenesis
  19. Dormancy of Seeds and Seed Germination
  20. Vernalization
  21. Growth and Metabolism of Growth Hormones
  22. Plant Movements
  23. Stress Physiology

Part-II: Biochemistry

  1. Methods of Biochemical Analysis
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Amino Acids and Proteins
  4. The Lipids
  5. The Enzymes
  6. Coenzymes
  7. Vitamins
  8. Plant Growth Substances
  9. Nucleic Acids
  10. Introduction to Bio-energetics
  11. Biological Oxidation and Reduction
  12. Secondary Metabolites

Part-III: Biotechnology

  1. Genetic Engineering
  2. Biotechnology
  • Index

About Publisher-

S. Chand Group is one of India’s leading publishing companies. They are in the market for more than seventy years. They develop and publish quality books for students from primary level classes to higher academic levels, including engineering, commerce, management, basic sciences and other courses. It is the first Indian publishing company to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. S. Chand Group is one of the few publishing houses in India with an in-house integrated publishing solution and with a massive distribution network of twenty four locations throughout the country. Their books conform to various syllabus patterns of different education boards and universities.

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A Textbook of Plant Physiology Biochemistry & Biotechnology | Dr SK Verma & Mohit Verma - S.CHAND

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